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BBS Time tracking

Save time and reduce costly errors by allowing your employees to track their own hours online and eliminate double input. It can be a real pain to track employee hours and re-enter the data, especially when you have to follow complicated overtime rules.

✔ Reduce costly errors by automatically calculating total hours worked (including overtime)
✔ Reduce compliance risks by applying state and federal overtime and double time rules
✔ Save valuable time eliminating double input by allowing employees to enter their own hours online.
✔ Fully integrated with payroll so you never have to calculate or re-enter hours
✔ Easily review and adjust hours to fix employee mistakes
✔ Automatic Email Reminders to employees when timesheets are due
✔ Flexible options

– Online timesheets on a password protected website 
– Multi-user online time clock where employees can clock in and out

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